Heating System Design

We will design the complete heating system to match your needs insuring that all the relevant personal requirements and Building Regulations are met or surpassed in both efficiency and comfort. Sizing the heating system to meet the heat loss requirements of the building fabric is of paramount importance during the design phase.  


We will meet with all customers and relevant parties to discuss your requirements and determine which heating solution best meets your requirements.


We will schedule a site meeting to organise the installation process and liaise with all the relevant parties to be considered for the project. Carrying out a hassle free and on time installation process is a guarantee.


We provide continued costumers support and backup service for all our products ensuring that they always operate to their potential and function as intended to the customers’ requirements


The complete system is fully commissioned ensuring that each component is operating as per the manufacturer’s specification. All final safety checks are made at this time. Our engineers provide a full demonstration of the system controller insuring optimum settings and performance.

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