Hot Water Cylinders

Kingspan Hot Water Cylinders

Kingspan are a market leading manufacturer of water heating products. They offer a comprehensive range of direct and indirect non-vented hot water cylinders of multiple sizes.We have plenty of experience using Kingspan products in heating systems throughout the past 20+ years and hold their products in high regard.

Unvented Hot Water Cylinders

Unvented cylinders use the mains cold-water supply to provide high flow rates and mains water pressure to satisfy the highest demands. Unvented cylinders are suitable for homes with multiple bathrooms as they can support multiple hot water outlets and have a fast recovery time.

Kingspan’s Albion range uses the highest quality materials in manufacturing to offer a truly energy efficient product. Their range includes cylinders of all types, sizes and capacities to suit all design and installation considerations and requirements.

Direct Unvented Cylinders

You will need to determine the cylinder type depending on the heat source of your home. When the only option is to heat the cylinder electrically through an immersion heater then you will need a direct cylinder.

Indirect Unvented Cylinders

If you have a conventional gas or oil boiler then you will need to install an indirect unvented cylinder. The water is heated through the heat source and then travels through a copper coil in the hot water cylinder. The heat is then transferred from the coil to the water inside the hot water cylinder.

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Kingspan Albion Aerocyl Unvented Cylinders

Albion Aerocyl has been designed specifically to be installed in conjunction with heat pumps or solar thermal systems.

Purpose-designed heat exchanger coils allow for the maximum heat transfer of renewable energy into the stored water inside the cylinder. These cylinders are compatible with almost every solar thermal and heat pump unit on the Irish and UK markets.

Kingspan Albion Aerocyl Brochure

Kingspan Albion Aerocyl

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