Mechanical Heat Recovery & Ventilation

The Duolix Max ventilation system is your perfect new build ventilation solution. Suits all types of homes with 1-6 bathrooms/toilets plus up to 9 other rooms.

Provides quality, filtered fresh air evenly distributed throughout your home.

The heat exchanger reclaims up to 91.5% of thermal energy from extracted air whilst also removing moisture, odours and pollutants.

Reduces heating and cooling energy costs with energy savings of up to 30%

Numerous possible configurations 

Dual-flow ventilation enabling the fresh air to be blown into the living rooms (bedrooms, lounge, living room) and waste air extracted from the damp rooms (kitchen, bathrooms, washrooms).

A network of ducts enables air to be distributed and blown into the house.

The external fresh air is filtered and pre-heated by passing through a highly-efficient heat exchanger. This exchanger recovers the energy from the extracted air without mixing it with the renewed fresh air.

Duolix Max Installation


High-output dual-flow ventilation for houses.

  • Product controlled by a stylish and ergonomic radio remote control unit.
  • Thermal efficiency: 91.5% certified Low-consumption motors
  • Full by-pass for fresh air enabling optimum free cooling in summer.
  • Flow manifold on the waste air network resulting in reduced consumption all year round.
  • BOOST function: Increased flows for better night coolinge. Option to manage a ground-coupled heat exchanger.

Installing a ventilation system in your home will allow you to..

  • Renew the air, eliminating humidity and odours
  • Ensure hygiene and comfort for the people in the household
  • Preserve buildings by preventing moisture development
  • Save the heating energy contained in extracted air

Whether you choose to install a dual flow ventilation or a heat pump water heater fed on indoor dumped air, Grocon Energies have solutions to match your need.

Did you know?

Contrary to what one might think, the air inside the home is more polluted than the air from outside, because stagnating, it loads up bacteria and dust.

Therefore it needs to be renewed continually to purify itself.The dual flow ventilation system takes fresh outside air, purifies it thanks to its high efficiency filters, and then diffuses it into the living areas of your home.

Thanks to its integrated heat exchanger, the dual flow ventilation recovers energy and calories from the exhaust air, allowing to preheat the fresh outside air, allowing you to save up to 20% on your heating bill.

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