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Grocon Energies are your ‘one stop shop’ for all your heating requirements, heating products and heating system design and installation.

We offer a wide range of heatpump and gas boiler installation options for both the domestic and commercial markets.

Grocon Energies prides itself on providing its customers with heating solutions that are environmental friendly without costing the earth. With over 20 years experience in the plumbing and heating business all of our work is guaranteed to be completed to the highest standards of craftsmanship using only high-quality products that carry full certification and warranty.

Our range of Air-to-Water Heatpumps provides space heating and hot water throughout the home.

Providing all the hot water needed from a pressurised system thus eliminating the need for either power or electric showers. This technology offer the household lower fuel bills, when compared with a conventional heating system. Air source heatpumps are easier to install than ground source heatpumps.

This can dramatically simplify installation and reduce capital costs.

Certification and Compliance

The NF mark is a collective certification mark. It provides indisputable proof that a product conforms to safety and/or quality characteristics defined in the corresponding certification framework of French, European or international standards


Excellent Quality Products

  • Large Product Range to meet all requirements
  • Reliability
  • Flexible Warranty Options
  • Neat Product Foot-Print
  • Easy to use controls
  • Component layout and 6 Sigma sourced
  • Professional after-sales and back up service
  • Competitively priced
  • BER Heat Pump tool available
  • Products registered on HARP database
  • Projipac 3 Software developed for Ireland
  • Heatpump Association of Ireland Members

The Keymark is the European mark based on the principle “one standard, one test, accepted everywhere” It is operated by certification bodies which have been empowered by CEN or CENELEC and who are accredited on the basis of EN 45011

Kiwa in the UK carry out testing and certification on appliances, construction materials, electrical and water products. Kiwa is a Notified Body and its test labs are UKAS-accredited

Triple E sets minimum criteria that products are required to meet, it aims to ensure that only the top 10 – 15% most energy efficient products in any technology are listed

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