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Atlantic Explorer 200 & 270 Heat Pump Water Heater

With Explorer, get all the hot water you need, in no time, for your whole family!

The renowned French brand Atlantic, has utilised all all its technology skills to make the Explorer heat pump water heater both smart and long lasting.

Thanks to Atlantic technologies such as diamond-quality enamel, Steatite heating element and ACI hybrid anti-corrosion system, the ceramic heating element and tank have a maximum protection for an expanded lifetime.

Through the Smart energy function, and smart control function, the heat pump water heater provides you with everyday comfort anticipating your needs, reducing energy consumption to a minimum. And you can monitor it all on your smartphone!

All these make Explorer a highly efficient, reliable and long-lasting equipment.

Through the Smart energy function, it’s coil version compatible with solar and boiler installations helps chooses the right energy source, to reduce energy consumption to a minimum.

The smart control function provides you with everyday comfort anticipating your needs, along with energy savings optimization.

Explorer is compatible with new Cozytouch technology allowing distant piloting through your smartphone or tablet. With Cozytouch, you monitor all parameters in real-time, tailoring your everyday comfort to your standards.

User-friendly with a 360° adjustable air inlet/outlet and feet, Explorer is easy to set up and suitable for all outdoor or indoor installations, including low ceiling, corner etc.

With the ability to use renewable energy and substantial savings, Explorer is environmentally friendly and constitutes an excellent choice.


Key Benefits

• Intuitive control panel
• Wide heat pump temperature range of use
(-5 to +43°C)

Heat pump
• 75% energy savings*
• Compatible with solar (photovoltaic panel or solar
collector) and boiler systems (built-in coil)

• ACI hybrid anti-corrosion technology
and Steatite heating element
• New generation diamond-quality enamelling

• Easy to install with adjustable air inlet/outlet
and adjustable feet
• Digital control panel with built-in day-to-day
programming, different modes selection, high visibility
display showing everyday energy consumption
in curves
• Easy to set up and to use

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